Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Teaser...

A riptide of emotions clamped down on my throat rendering me unable to speak. I wanted to reach for her hand before I let my own fall away. Stunned, I’d been unable to do anything but stare at the mouths that had continued to speak. However, the ringing in my ear prevented me from hearing a coherent word.

A single ember burned a chasm down my cheek. The blazing hot tear was as unfamiliar as it was appropriate given the situation. My world had burned to ash with the things said and not said in that room.

I felt like a foreigner while the walls moved in on me like a house of cards ready to fall. Claustrophobia had set in and finally I turned to the woman behind me. 

“Don’t,” I said, watching her horror. She gazed at me like I was a monster. The stranger reflected in her eyes wasn’t me. “Please.” It was almost pathetic how I pleaded. How the mighty had fallen. I felt their pity and scorned them for it.

One woman had made me weak and I hated it and didn’t care all at the same time. She was it for me. If somehow they succeeded in poisoning her with this blasphemy, I would live my life a lonely and broken man. No way could I survive without her.

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