Friday, June 6, 2014


I see you've spotted the cover place marker. You think that a misspelling.... maybe... maybe not. Too late now as it were. What I do have is the blurb to share with you.   
It took a little crafting on my part to pin Tade down. He can be impossible at times. Impossible, I can almost hear him speaking the words with his English (British) accent. He wants his story told. He feels very strongly about secrets and the impact they can have on others besides those that keep them.

So without further comment, here is the blurb of Tade's story.

*Warning – this book contains explicit sexual situations and may not be suited for everyone.
This isn’t some happy love story. If you want that, try something else. No, I own this nightmare and would have never guessed it could have happened to me.
My life is painstakingly puzzled out. And if I have to admit it, I fall for Red the first time I see her. In fact, she is the first of many things for me and maybe my last. She is the reflection of my happiness and the beginning to my end. She is the stain that covers my heart in the color of her blood red hair.

Thoughts of her consume me and continue to bombard my mind like ricochet gunfire. So what can possibly go wrong you wonder? A humorous chuckle escapes me, in case you didn’t hear it. Yeah, I can tell you, but you will judge me unfairly. This you need to hear from the beginning so you know all the facts and feel what I felt. Maybe even sympathize and not give me your scorn. Then maybe you can possibly… possibly comprehend the enormity of my crossroads.
You have to know I never planned or meant for any of this. It isn’t my fault. It’s someone else’s sins that have efficiently destroyed my life in one fell swoop. My name?

My name is Tade Astor and this is my story.

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